What Does It Mean to be a Certified Chimney Sweep?

The Chimney Sweep has been a necessary part life for homeowners with a wood burning fireplace installed in their home. You see, the name Chimney Sweep was a term given to the person or persons in town who would do the messy job of cleaning out all of the chimneys in the homes throughout town.

certified chimney sweep

While it may not have been the most glamorous of all jobs, but being someone who had the knowledge and experience to do the job made them quite the necessary person to have around.

As time went by more and more houses with fireplaces continued to grow, so did the need for more experienced people to clean all of those chimneys.

This led to the number of people claiming to know how to perform the task of cleaning a chimney to explode. Businesses starting popping up all over that offered to do professional chimney cleaning. Just like any other professional service, chimney cleaning in Chicago should be performed by a certified chimney sweep.

Certified Chimney Sweep

Being a certified chimney sweep means that the person was able to meet all of the qualifications and passed an official certification test administered by a respected organization dedicated to ensuring all of the industry standards, rules, and regulations that govern the performing of the specific professional duties.

Unfortunately, not all of the companies out there are above board and make unsubstantiated claims and follow deceptive practices that can easily put the consumer at risk.

One way to be sure that the company and the technician that is going to be doing the work on your home are actually certified is to do your homework before you hire them. Always check and double that the company you choose lists certifications from CSIA or Chimney Safety Institute of America. By insisting that you only hire chimney sweeps or a company that claims to do chimney cleaning, you can rest assured that your job will be completed correctly. 

What it takes to be certified?

Being certified is much more than simply ‘knowing” how to perform a specific task. To be certified to be a chimney sweep an individual must be able to demonstrate that they can perform the tasks in accordance with industry standards and following all of the prescribed safety guidelines.

To ensure that technicians are trained and are able to perform all of the required procedures correctly, CSIA developed a certification process and anyone passing the test becomes officially certified as a chimney sweep (must go through periodic requalifications).

When it comes to finding a person or company to inspect and clean your houses chimney, you should always do your research. Never let anyone perform chimney cleaning services that cannot produce their certification credentials.

You can easily find out if the company you are looking to hire lists certifications from the CSIA organization. If they do not list it or cannot provide proof of their certification you should continue your search.